What is the
EXERT Study?

The EXERT study is a national,
18-month long, clinical trial to test whether physical exercise can slow the progression of mild memory loss and/or mild cognitive impairment in older adults between the ages of 65-89. It is a Phase III randomized, controlled trial examining the effects of exercise on cognitive function and on biological markers in older adults with mild memory loss.

What’s great about the EXERT Study?

  • An 18-month membership to a participating YMCA

  • A personal trainer for 12 months

  • A personalized exercise program

  • A chance to feel better and have fun!

What would be expected?

Those enrolled will exercise at participating local YMCAs, under the supervision of a personal trainer. Participants will complete their assigned exercise program four times per week for 18 months. In the first 12 months of the study, two of the four weekly sessions will be supervised by the trainer. In the final six months, participants will continue to complete their assigned exercise program at the YMCA, but without supervision.

Contact Emory University for more Information:

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